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Aunt Leslie McCallister (‘Home Alone’ Character)

Warning! This character biography may contain plot spoilers.

Aunt Leslie McCallister is the wife of Frank McCallister and the mother of Rod and Fuller McCallister. She is the sister-in-law of Peter, Kate, Rob, and Georgette McCallister. She is Kevin’s Aunt. She comes with her husband and kids from Ohio to stay with Kevin’s family so they can go to her brother-in-law’s Rob’s Apartment in Paris for Christmas. When Kevin gets left behind Leslie keeps Kate’s hopes up that Kevin’s fine. When Frank tries to cheer up Kate by saying he forgot his reading glasses Leslie glares at her husband for saying that.

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Your disco needs you

Vous n’êtes jamais seuls
Vous savez ce qu’il faut faire
Ne laissez pas tomber votre nation
La disco a besoin de vous!

Du bist niemals allein
Du weißt, was du tun musst
Lass dein Volk nicht im Stich
Deine Disco braucht dich!

Nunca estás sola
Sabes lo que tienes que hacer
No le falles a tu pueblo
¡Tu discoteca te necesita!

Anata wa keshite hitori ja nai
nani wo subeki ka sitte iru hazu
karera wo uragira nai de
Disco wa anata wo matte iru!